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Grand Villa Casino is proudly preserving our community’s green environment for future generations to enjoy. Here are a few of the energy-saving feats we’ve accomplished, and some that we’re currently working on.


Lobby lighting upgrade

  • LED lights installed at entrances on Dominion Street and the skybridge from the P4 parkade
  • Reduced our electricity consumption, but also improved the lighting levels
  • These common areas are now brighter, safer, and more efficient


Renewable Natural Gas

  • Grand Villa Casino is the first casino in the world to purchase and utilize renewable natural gas!
  • The raw products are provided by local cattle farmers who help to capture and refine methane gas
  • This sustainable fuel source will minimize our carbon footprint without changing our activities or operations


Exterior wash light upgrade

  • Retrofit iconic pink tower at Grand Villa Casino
  • High-efficiency LED will emit the same intense glow while consuming a portion of electricity as before


Cooling Tower installation with Waste Heat Capture

  • Implementing a second cooling tower to provide free cooling to the gaming floors
  • Capturing the heat rejected from the casino and redirecting it to our hot water supply
  • Reduces the workload from water heaters and boilers to extend their lifespan and further lower energy consumption


Cigarette Waste Brigade

  • Safe collection and storage of used cigarette butts from receptacles throughout the building
  • Shipped back to TerraCycle for recycling and composting
  • Earn points to be redeemed as cash donation to local organizations

Grand Villa Casino boasts a variety of dining options. You can enjoy your delicious meal guilt-free knowing that our kitchens are designed to be as sustainable as possible. We’re constantly implementing energy-efficient appliances and finding new ways to reduce waste, so sit back and enjoy!

Organics ban

  • Diverts food scraps from our other wastes to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills
  • Specific bins in the kitchen collect organic items, which get hauled to a processing plant to make biofuel and/or compost
  • Final products are available for local farmers to harvest sustainable crops.


High-efficiency cooking equipment

  • Our main kitchen uses Energy Star rated appliances where available: ie) deep fryer, convection oven, and dishwasher
  • Efficient appliances have a longer life-expectancy and require less maintenance
  • Conserving energy without compromising taste allows us to provide you with excellent dining experiences 24/7


Intellihood systems (COMING SOON)

  • Intelligent hood system will ventilate the cooking stations via variable speed drives depending on activity level
  • Sensors that detect smoke/steam levels will automatically adjust the kitchen’s hood fans
  • Simple and efficient way to keep our chefs’ working areas clean and safe

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