Welcome to Burnaby’s Poker Room!

Featuring ten (10) tables of action on the upper level of the Grand Villa Casino. Offering no-limit Texas Hold’em, this state of the art, architecturally designed space will provide a haven for both seasoned and new players alike. Featuring one 10′ projection screens to catch all your sports action, as well as, in-room food and beverage service.

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Bad Beat Jackpot

as of 7:00 am today.
Call the Poker Room at 604-453-0858

Bad Beat is awarded when four eights are beaten by a higher four-of-a-kind or better. Both cards in each players hand must be used to qualify for the Bad Beat (If a four-of-a-kind is beaten, two of the four must be in the player’s two-card private hand).

* The maximum Poker Bad Beat Jackpot is $500,000

Bad Beat Progressive Jackpot

Be a part of all the excitement when you play
Texas Hold ‘Em!

The jackpot is awarded as follows…

• 50% goes to the losing qualifying hand

• 25% goes to the winning qualifying hand

• 25% is divided among the other active players at the table

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- Complete rules available at Poker Host desk
- Games subject to change based on player demand